SuperGreen Tonik Review: Is It the Best Supergreens Powder?

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SuperGreen Tonik Review: Is It the Best Supergreens Powder?

The idea behind SuperGreen Tonik is to condense all the best things about eating your veggies into a powder. It combines 38 plant extracts that are selected for their nutrient-density, which is what veg are for in most of our diets. This article is all about the SuperGreen Tonik review and how I benefited from it.

What I really like is that SuperGreen Tonik comes with a transparent approach to its ingredients. This is a key factor that lets me review it effectively – and something that you can’t take for granted. Working with 100+ greens powders (and many super ‘reds’), I’ve seen plenty of products that miss this simple feature.

There are a few major benefits that it’s designed to offer:

·Better energy and metabolism
·Effective mood control and support
·Reduced fatigue and low mood
·Immune support and illness protection
·Gut health and maintenance

These are major benefits. Getting your 5 a day just isn’t going to offer the same range, and it’s this range and depth of benefits that got me to try SuperGreen Tonik (or just SGT) in the first place.

In this article, I’ll talk about my SuperGreen TONIK review after taking the product for 2 months, what were the immediate and long term benefits, what is the best way of taking SuperGreen TONIK, and what things you should keep in mind while taking this supplement. There’s also a comparison between SuperGreen TONIK and some major superfood supplements based on my personal experience!

What Made Me Try SuperGreen Tonik?

super green drink benefits

I ordered SuperGreen Tonik after using a number of competitors on the market. I’ve worked with a few Supergreens and super reds in my time, and there’s a lot of variety on the market. You might not think there’s much difference between green vegetable powders, but you’d be very wrong.

Some products do a ton for you, while others are underpowered or lack the same ‘punch’ in their benefits. I used SGT because of the ingredients (which we’ll get to later) and the reviews from other customers who were happy with the effects. I thought I might as well find out for myself.

SuperGreen TONIK Discount Code: GT10

A Busy Schedule

First, there’s no way I’m eating 38 vegetables in a day. I don’t think it’s even possible, but SGT only takes me one shake or smoothie, and I’ve covered my bases.

It’s an easy and effective way to get vitamins on the go. I found it particularly helpful during stressful work days when I didn’t get much time to think about food. It was great to know I had something healthy in my corner even if I had to grab a meal from the store.

This is a huge deal that I’ve always liked about super greens. They’re easy to use and help with one of the most time- and effort-intensive parts of diet. Less planning, more nutrients. Easy.

Fatigue and Lethargy

supergreen tonik

Specifically, using SGT during the day was part of a campaign to improve my mental and physical energy. I found it’s one of those processes you don’t notice until you’ve been doing it for a while. It occurred to me that I’d not had that early-afternoon lull in a while.

This was part of the thinking that led me to Supergreens in general – and SuperGreen Tonik in particular. It’s billed as a supportive nutrient supplement for chronic fatigue syndrome, so you know it’s going to contribute to better mental function.

This is great for those busy days, again, and was my approach to improving energy through the day and into my exercise. The dual effect of mental and physical energy boosting was definitely worth my time.

Digestive Issues

Your nutrition starts when it hits the gut. Good gut health is an important benefit that many people are finally switching on to.

Many other factors like nutrition status, energy levels, and immune function start in the gut. By improving gut health with plant extracts, I was looking to start at the bottom and set a good foundation for my health.

Gut health is closely tied to plant food intake and SuperGreen Tonik is an active pre- and probiotic. This means it supports a healthy, well-regulated bacteria environment for better gut health.

Micros are Hard

Micronutrients are difficult to track compared to macronutrients. The smaller vitamin and mineral compounds can vary wildly within food and many trackers don’t have the correct numbers.

I think it’s better to play it safe – and always cover your bases. Micronutrients benefit from a variety of foods, drinks, and extracts. Supergreens products like SGT are great for covering what you don’t get through diet.

It’s also one easy, powerful way to shortcut variety and make sure you’re getting a little of everything. This is great in combination with a thoughtful, balanced diet to help prevent vitamin and mineral deficiency risks.

My SuperGreen Tonik Review: What Changes Did I See Using SGT for 2 Months?

So, what did SuperGreen Tonik actually do? I used SuperGreen Tonik for 2 months before this review and I felt major differences in my energy and anxiety levels, some in my digestive system and minor differences in sleep quality, all of which have been discussed in detail below:

supergreen tonik reviews

Supergreen tonik review

Reduced Stress and Anxiety



SuperGreen Tonik is a great supplement to add essential nutrients from 38 different foods directly into your shaker.

The product tastes natural and better than most competing products.

The supplement showed better results and was more effective in helping boost immunity and enhance energy levels than other similar products.


The price is higher compared to other greens supplements.

There’s only one flavor available and may not taste good for some people.

More Energy

This was the fastest change I noticed. Within a few days, it was clear that I’d improved whatever was limiting my energy levels. I can’t say exactly what it was – perhaps B vitamins – but I felt far more consistent energy levels through the day.

I had fewer patches of hazy brain and felt more able to engage with tasks – both physical and mental. I’d found myself staying on-task through the day, reducing distractions, and improving my actual output from hour to hour.

This was a huge benefit because waning energy levels in the afternoon used to kill me. I would struggle to stay consistent and end up chugging coffee that would make my heart rate faster, but didn’t really help my head clear up.

The clean energy of proper vitamin and mineral intake can’t be beat. It’s the result of giving your body what it needs – rather than trying to band-aid over it with an energy drink or quadruple espresso!

Better Digestion and Comfort

supergreen tonik review

Part of the gut health benefits that I felt, personally, was an improvement to digestion. I found that foods would ‘sit’ better in my gut, and I wouldn’t experience the same discomfort. I also found myself digesting more consistently and wouldn’t experience the same bloating or “heaviness” I was used to.

This has been a nice change that just makes meals feel better. It’s probably reflecting a better gut health process and food-digestion – something B vitamins are great for – and getting the most from my food.

This isn’t as obvious as the energy, but it’s great to realize that you’ve not had any digestive problems in 2 months.

Better Immunity and Protection

This is a big deal that has to be paired with the benefits to energy – with B, D, and E vitamins offering powerful immune support.

I didn’t get sick during the 2 months and felt better equipped to handle things like seasonal flu and illnesses that were “going around”. These weren’t a problem, even during higher-stress periods where I expected to get caught with a fever or other low-level illness.

Nope. I stayed happy as a clam, with only 1 day of mild sniffles, and a quick recovery. That was through what turned out to be a rough Toronto flu season and everyone I know got hit hard. I was fine.

That felt good. Most people don’t think about vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, but it’s easy to see the difference when you’re up against the actual illness risks in the workplace or among friends.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

This is another benefit that I realized after the first month. I felt far more calm and in control, as with engaging my tasks, and felt better able to handle what I had coming.

I still had stressful events and they pushed me to my limit sometimes. But I felt like I was running out of time, rather than being close to the end of my tether. It was a difficulty of resources and not the mental space I needed to get it done.

While there was still a lot to do, I found myself calmer and more “centered” at rest. It sounds like a buzzword but it’s the only way I can describe it accurately. I felt like I was right at the center of things, and I had everything under control, even when there was a mild chaos around me.

Better Sleep Quality and Quantity

This is definitely related to anxiety, but felt powerful. Sleep quality was a huge improvement, and I woke feeling more rested daily. I didn’t find myself tossing and turning as much, waking up in the middle of the night, or feeling groggy after a full 8 hours.

This was one of the best tie-ins with both energy and anxiety. I felt less anxiety, which helped me sleep better, which helped me feel more energized and more anxiety-resistant. The upward cycle was definitely my favorite part of using SuperGreen Tonik.

I love how it’s about supporting natural healthy processes and squeezing the best results out of things you’re already doing. Better sleep and energy levels are absolutely key to any fitness or mental performance goal.

Sleeping better is huge – and I could feel better quality and quantity (since it cut down on my sleep latency – the time I spent getting to sleep).

How Is SuperGreen Compared to Other Supergreens Products?

I’ve used a wide range of nutrient rich powders – and dozens of Supergreens, if not hundreds. I thought it would be good to compare so that you can get an idea of what I liked about SGT and what others are bringing to the table.

There’s a lot of interesting differences on the market that you might not see if you’re looking for a beginner’s SuperGreen supplement and don’t have much experience.

Detox Organics vs SuperGreen Tonik

Detox organics was a decent product. I tried the chocolate flavor, which was a convenient addition, but didn’t sway me by itself.

The actual flavor was fine but there’s no real masking the green-ness of the powder. It tastes healthy no matter what you do. I also feel like it was less potent than SuperGreen Tonik and felt far less powerful in major areas like energy and anxiety effects.

It’s a good product but I’ve found myself reaching for SGT over Detox Organics every time. I’m also not a fan of using the term Detox for no reason, either.

Also, in case you wish to know more about Detox Organics, here’s my Detox Organics Superfood Review.

Athletic Greens vs SuperGreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik

I feel like SGT and Athletic greens have the same goal – and they both work – but SGT just felt better throughout. It could be the fact I’m not an athlete anymore, but I take my fitness seriously, and athletic greens didn’t blow me away.

This was particularly clear in one of my favorite benefits with SGT – digestion. While SuperGreen Tonik had noticeable benefits to digestion, I did experience some bloating and discomfort while using athletic greens. This could be due to my eating, but I felt much more stable and consistent on SGT.

It’s also more focused on athletic performance, which is fine, but I love the versatility and all-day energy benefits of SuperGreen Tonik. Athletic greens is good, unsurprisingly, you’re an athlete!

Genuine Health Greens+

I bought Genuine Health Greens+ from a local store as I was between reviews and wanted to keep up my Supergreens intake.

My first impression was that the flavor was distractingly bad. You don’t drink Supergreens for their taste, but this particular brand had a pungent taste I couldn’t get away from. I even tried blending it with smoothies and it still stained the flavor somehow.

I didn’t get much from it, in return. It wasn’t more effective for the taste, and I didn’t feel any benefit during the roughly 1-month supply. Safe to say I put more thought into my next purchase, and didn’t go back.

I shouldn’t need to explain why SuperGreens Tonik compares well to this one. It was undereffective and gross where I’ve found SGT to be pleasant, relatively fresh tasting, and beneficial!

How should you take SuperGreens Tonik? What is the best time to take SGT?

SuperGreen Tonik can be taken any time of day.

The best time is somewhere early in the day, and typically close to your natural caffeinating hour. If you’re drinking a morning coffee at 8:30am, your greens should be in your body between 7:30 and 10am. This makes the most of theanine and its synergy with caffeine.

You should take it after eating something in the day, but it doesn’t have to be a big meal. You just want to make sure you’re not pooping green.

You can also use it mixed with things like smoothies or shakes. These already taste like something else – and I’m a fan of the green superfood flavor with a little lime and/or pineapple juice, which helps cut the richness.

Make sure you’re blending it with plenty of water and letting it dissolve entirely. Also, I shouldn’t have to tell you this by now, but add the powder to water and not the other way around. It just makes for smoother drinking.

SuperGreen Tonik Ingredients: What is in it?

The ingredients in this product are conveniently bundled into 3 matrices – which are grouped by what they do. We can take a quick look at each of them, and it’ll be clear what the product does and how. Very convenient!

Greens Blend: Antioxidants and General Health Support

The greens blend is a powerful antioxidant blend. It’s like eating your greens all at once and includes a range of vitamins and minerals for optimal health. The main ingredients are collards, spinach, barley grass, chlorella, and horseradish leaf.

This was probably the most important part of the compound for the energy I’ve mentioned already. It’s a well known set of ingredients with a well-known set of benefits. They’re good for you – and I’ve discussed the benefits of chlorella before.

Overall? A good mix of good plants. What’s not to like?

Nootropic Blend: Mental Performance and Protection

Nootropic is a great word for ‘nutrients that are good for your brain’. This product has a fair few of those!

Ashwagandha is first, with anxiety-protection. Theanine is a great tonic to caffeine, and really helps with clean energy, which is one of my favorite things about SGT. Ginkgo biloba, bacopa monnieri, and Rhodiola rosea are smaller but still relevant – they’re not super powerful but offer short-term mental performance boosts (like memory, cognition, and even brain health protection).

This is a good blend, and it’s one of the main things I felt during use. It’s that sense of clarity and engagement with tasks that I really enjoyed. That and the sense of fatigue-resistance, which is always useful, especially when dealing with chronic fatigue symptoms in the first place.

Anything that helps alleviate brainfog, improve my everyday performance, or help “protect my spoons” in the old reliable spoon theory of fatigue.

Immune Blend: Maintaining Health and Preventing Illness

Immunity is always important and reducing the frequency of illness and other problems really helps. I found myself enjoying the protection of my immune system during my use of SuperGreens Tonik, and I appreciate it more for the experience.

Dandelion is a classic adaptogen and anti-stress compound. That means better mental wellbeing, but also an improved sense of calm. Garlic is great for immunity and especially the cardiovascular system, where most ‘natural’ causes of death happen.

Olive leaf extract (not the salty fruit itself) is great for health, cholesterol levels, and even skin health. This is a great little additional benefit and I’m not turning my nose up at it!

Piperine is great for all the ingredients in this product since it’s all about intestinal permeability. Simply put, piperine helps your gut absorb more of everything – making sure you get the best results from the ingredients in SGT. This is important because some compounds – like chlorella – aren’t always easy to absorb and benefit from.


greens tonik

Supergreens are a great category of supplement, and this was my SuperGreen Tonik review after using the supplement for 2 months. They feel like multivitamins for people who are serious about health. They improve the key areas that vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients play in the body – while offering a natural source that almost anyone can use.

SuperGreen Tonik is my favorite right now because it does all of these things well. I found my mental clarity and calm were better, my health was protected, and the digestive effects showed up quickly. I’m a fan of the synergy of these simple and effective benefits.

There’s nothing better than a supplement that makes you better by supporting your natural processes. Lifehacking means working with your body to get the most out of your diet, sleep, and exercise. SuperGreen Tonik did that, and it’s enough to make me a fan. If you liked this SuperGreen Tonik review and would like to try, use the coupon below to get 10% OFF.

SuperGreen TONIK Discount Code: GT10

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